Scholarship Fund

Aces Beyond the Field is relentlessly passionate that every girl should have the ability to play at the highest level they dream and that opportunities for elite, competitive club experiences should be equitable and inclusive for all, regardless of financial means.

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Partial or full scholarships

Partial or full scholarship for Aces Girls Lacrosse Club program athletes requiring financial assistance within a program year. To qualify, the player must currently be on the Aces Girls Lacrosse roster, or as a prospective Aces Girls Lacrosse Club program athlete who has had a discussion with the Club Program Leadership.

Applicants, please apply here.

Aces Beyond the Field Foundation Financial Assistance Fund

Financial Assistance is available for families - Aces Girls Lacrosse or Aces Beyond the Field community lacrosse players - who are experiencing a financial hardship and have a need for assistance for programs or services offered by the Aces Beyond the Field Foundation and Aces Girls Lacrosse Club.

Applicants, please apply here.

As the funds available for the Financial Assistance Fund are 100% dependent on corporate and individual donations, the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee do the best to align fund availability with each applicant's exact needs.

We look forward to supporting every player and community member in growing in her love for lacrosse, and her academic, personal and leadership development!

Aces Beyond the Field Foundation Advisory Board
Email for inquiries/questions.